Thin Privilege

by Thin Privilege

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I crawled back into the womb - at least that was my intention I found the vacancy filled I dreamed me a weeping wound - tar black in constitution No ins or outs "Well let that be a lesson learned, Chalk it all up to experience"
Hex Charmer 02:16
I'm whip smart/you're comatose You're seldom right/I'm never wrong A deaf and dumb witches' coven Hexed me in semaphore I stumble over in a crowded room "I ought to know how the entrails read, I've got to know how the viscera sleeps!" Pressure's on to keep your hands to yourself Any chance I get to smile thus: "Out with your eyes!" Be careful when I'm around.
When I lay down, I know I won't dream ...unless you've got something to show me Wolves in the morning howl at the sun That's where I got the idea from (Lies we tell to ourselves - "I'll live") I made you like this, and it's an improvement But now you won't stop howling And I CAN'T SLEEP
Crossing out the cells Cross out all the cells Holy messenger Mourners wail and gnash their teeth For the not yet deceased (and for that reason) I take no joy in opening my mouth Cross me out
Cut me into a neverending rune A bed of nails for you because - You'll be holy rolling soon Cut me in two/a never ending ruin A bed of nails for you
A.S.D.F. 01:27
Nauseous rays of joy emit from the inflamed mind "Who cares enough to dispute what I'm saying? ............................................" Classicists' veins erupt in spiralling coils of light "ARROWS THROUGH THE LAMB!" Haunted doorway/through my mirror LIARLIARLIARLIAR
Red Cloak 02:18
Wake up in a hole/distant inverted pyramid of shame Naked and bleeding from the waist down Sink me down into the drink I can't leave, so you'll find me dumbly wailing "..." Just can't leave that body alone Wake up away from home/floating up into infinite ink Where you'll find me dumbly wailing "You're really going up in flames this time, motherfucker" - 1 day old, 1986
Ran to the circus, man - I guess my life got old Surrendered up my flesh to a grinding stone Brothers and sisters ain't know what I own No piece of meat is equipped quite like my throat Maybe it's punishment Resigned to a past lie What matters to me? I'll name you one thing: ENTERTAINMENT Well, what would sweet mommy say if she could see me now? (Probably something along these lines) "What matters to you? I think I've one clue: ENTERTAINMENT" That's what I can't accept: NO DARKNESS To-do list: Dance a little Punch a butterfly Auto-castrate No SKEWERED
Those starving, circling vultures Plot another murder Homes are hives Home's a hive Homes our hives Delicate spine Whatever steps you take It rebounds to you: MINDS ALIVE, ALIVE-OH! Life's unfair ad nauseam


12" LP available in Transparent Blue or Clear/Orange variants w. free Sword Swallower t-shirt available from Struggletown Records (while stocks last).


released May 7, 2014

Sean Campbell - Drums, iron throat on 9
Hamish Black - Three strings
David Scott - Five strings, surplus wood with strings on 6
Paul McArthur - Voice, kettle whistle on 2

Recorded and mixed by Ross McGowan at Chime Studios, September 2013
Mastered by James Plotkin, January 2014
Graphic design/layout by Steven Hill


all rights reserved



Thin Privilege Glasgow, UK

Bass. Drums. Vocals. Bass.

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